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Puppy Shampoo

Is Puppy Shampoo Really Necessary?

Is it necessary to use different shampoo on puppies than it is on dogs? Aren’t all dog shampoos created equally? What’s good for your adult dog should also work for puppies.
Sadly, this isn’t exactly true. A shampoo that’s formulated for adult dogs could be much too strong for use on small puppies, and if used, it could cause your puppy to become ill.
In fact, products that have been manufactured for adult dogs should rarely be used on puppies, simply because a puppy’s immune system is less developed. That’s why you should use dog shampoo on dogs and puppy shampoo on puppies.
If you have a new pup in the house, we can help you find safe options for bathing and grooming him, including which puppy shampoo to use, which types of flea and tick products are safe for immature dogs, and whether conditioner is a good idea for your puppy.

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