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AlvaFlea stops fleas, ticks and lice living on dogs.

How ?
It's high gloss finnish prevents insect eggs from sticking to hair follicles

AlvaFlea is not a drug and does not require a prescription off vets.

Once applied, the treatment will protect dogs from fleas, ticks and lice - spray regular all year round.

· Disables flea movements on your pet within minutes.

· Helping reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases

· Helps to prevent Lyme disease.

AlvaDog can be applied to pups from 8 weeks of age and can also be used in pregnancy and on nursing bitches.

BEST FLEA CONTROL FOR DOGS - Take Advantage of our proudly Cruelty Free and Vegan pest treatment for dogs - We use only the highest quality natural essential oils and Aloe Vera and you can expect superb protective qualities with AlvaFlea.

Minimises the risk of Fleas Ticks and mite attaching to your dog thus drastically reducing the likelihood of insect bites which can cause severe illness to your dog.

Professional grade grooming for small, large dogs and puppies.
Great natural essential oils fragrance that smells wonderfully fresh.


AlvaDog is a pet loving company and we will never use Harmful Chemicals Ever !

Cruelty Free Dog Flea and Tick Protective Skin Spray with added pharmacutical grade essential oils, aloe vera and our unique coat conditioner.

We recommend you use AlvaNeem Shampoo at least once a month before sarurating your dogs coat with AlvaFlea.

AlvaFlea - Flea Repellent 500ml by AlvaDog

  • AlvaDog prides its selfs with high quality products, however we use external couriers.
    Please check packages for damage before singning for your order.
    Many thanks,
    Phil Bowen (founder)

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