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Dog Lice Shampoo

Do I Need Dog Lice Shampoo?

Did you know dogs can get lice, too? The good news is that you can’t catch lice from your dog. Still, lice is an uncomfortable condition that can wreak havoc with your dog’s skin and coat. Because an itchy dog is an unhappy dog, it’s important that lice be addressed right away.
Dog lice shampoo is effective in treating lice, though more than one application may be needed to kill the infestation.
To use dog lice shampoo, you should trim your dog’s coat first. The shorter his hair is, the easier it will be to rid your dog of lice. After applying the shampoo, make sure to disinfect your dog’s toys, beds, and bedding as well. You can do this by drying everything in the dryer on high for at least 20 mins.
Once your dog is free of lice, keep his fur and environment clean and pest free by performing regular maintenance.

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