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Dog Detangler Spray

What is Dog Detangler Spray?

Long-haired pets require special care when it comes to their coats. A matted, tangled coat of fur is uncomfortable and unhealthy for a dog and can hide pests such as fleas and ticks. Frequent grooming is necessary for long-haired breeds such as Yorkshire terriers or Afghan hounds. Luckily, there’s a dog detangler spray that can help.
Our dog detangler spray uses lavender essential oil to leave your pet smelling fresh and clean, while adding lustre and shine to his coat. A necessary product for pets who are prone to mats and tangles, our detangler spray is safe to use and is beneficial to dogs who suffer from sensitive or dry skin.
Used as a form of leave-conditioner, our detangler spray helps heal split ends and makes brushing and combing worlds easier. You and your long-haired pet with both love our unique, healthy and safe dog detangler spray for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

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